BayesDel is a meta-score that assesses the deleteriousness of genetic variants, including single nucleotide variants and small insertion/deletions, coding or non-coding. It ranges from -1.29334 to 0.75731. Variants with a higher score are more likely to be pathogenic. The current version is 1.0 (build date 2017-08-24).

A universal cutoff value (0.0692655 with MaxAF, -0.0570105 without MaxAF) was obtained by maximizing sensitivity and specificity in classifying ClinVar variants. These cutoff values were designed for gene discovery research, not clinical operations. For clinical variant classification, please refer to Pejaver et al. Am J Hum Genet. 2022 (PMID: 36413997).

How to get BayesDel

* Centralized: Annotation of new InDels can be time-consuming. The online calculator saves an InDel's score in a central repository, making the annotation faster when encountering the same InDel in the future. While running VICTOR locally enables you to retain scores for future use, they won't be accessible to other users.

InDelsNon-coding variants Large number of variants Genome Centralized *
Download pre-computed scoresNoNoYesGRCh37N/A
Install and run VICTOR locallyYesYesYesGRCh37/GRCh38No
Online calculatorYesYesNoGRCh37/GRCh38Yes

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